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Lexicon MPX-1 Stereo Processor

Sound Quality

Verb: Not a 480 or PCM! However, the pulsating chorusy verbs are truly beautiful and inspiring. Way beyond an Alex-Reflex. EQ: so-so. The filters are a little cold and digi-sounding. What do you expect from a digital EQ? A Neve? A Moog? That being said, the fact that it even has eq/ filters makes the overall unit extremely strong Pitch shifting is above average. With a foot pedal, makes a great Whammy Pedal. Tracks great! Chorus is great, magical! The flange/phase is typical digital style and have no analog mojo. Mod: A very useful weapon in the arsenal. Delay: Above average Mix them all together= Nice! You can get some incredible pad/washy/textural sounds. And epic solo texures. With guitar: Gives your overall sound a bit of a "Digital Sheen" which is not analog, but still warm in a digi kind of way. Ala 80's Lukather-Landau, etc. You cant get rid of it because this thing converts your guitar signal to 18/20 bit digital EVEN IN BYPASS!


It's somewhat fragile but typical rack gear. no more no less. I would suggest a back up if you have $$$


General Comments

VERY inspiring sound.

Inspiration is VERY valuable.

Complicated user interface

The delay between changing programs is real.

18/20bit constant D/A-A/D conversion is a bummer.


For studio it's great.

For live; On a mixer on a bus send (for vocals for instance) it makes a great verb/delay multi processer.

Can even automate stuff via midi. Great bang for buck value.



For guitar it has some it has some issue's and would require some work arounds. For instance you could use it with a Robert Keely True Bypass Looper and make it a true bypass pedal. You could use it in an efx loop on an amp and blend the digital signal with your natural (analog) tone. This would be fine with verb but this pedal has some cool sounds that require the blend to be balanced in the box. By blending dry signal, you would lose/water down some very cool presets. Also its a bit tricky using with stomp boxes. I think the guitar version of this pedal might solve some of these issues. I dont have that unit so I dont know.

Reviewer's Background

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