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Sound Quality

Clean as a whistle, even the distortions which are great. Almost all the effects are reasonable - leave out the FX Revereb, It was only implemented for chain use, and does not comparable to the more proffesional reverbs in the unit (Big, Giga). I was sorry to understand that FX reverb is almost the only reverb that can be used when creating simple algorithms, because he does not need much device resources. If you want the best of the best, you probebly go for the extesion module (DSP with extra 512 RAM blocks).


Good until far (4 weeks of usage)

General Comments

I would buy it again because I've used GP8 and SPX90 before that. I'm a 'rack mounted musician' and for me, this devise supply ALL my live needs(!). I will not bring anything else to the show. I love the little things Digitech tought off, like the tuner and the LEDS setups of the pedals. I didn't like the fact that I have to buy extension to get the full blown quality. I crying, like lot of guys here for a computer interface & software. For me, it helps me to make music, but I need more time to be accurate regarding my patches, and I can do it with this device.

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