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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal to sweeten up my clean sound as I find that it's not my Marshall JCM800's strong point - rather than run a separate amp for my cleans. It's hooked up in my signal via a True Bypass loop in a self-modified footswitch so that the effect loop is only engaged on my clean channel. Therefore the pedal is always on and the footswitch bypasses it in tandem with channel switching on the amp. When I've briefly used the pedal outside of the loop I've heard no noticeable tone suck or popping/clicking from the FX-68's switch, but I haven't used it extensively in this manner due to the pedal being bolted onto my pedal board for semi-permanent road usage. Before I bought this pedal I tried out some digital chorus pedals but being a sucker for analog tones this little DOD came home with me instead. I had previously owned another DOD Chorus pedal when I was a teenager (the FX-65) and had such a nostalgic feeling when I heard this pedal that just crushed the other pedals I tried out.


I got this pedal used and it no longer has it's knobs, so it looks like it's taken its share of road wear. I've owned a few DOD pedals in the past and while they've taken their share of cosmetic damage (often the plastic battery cover goes missing) I have yet to have one fail on me. I bought the aforementioned FX-65 back in 1991 and it survived in functioning order until it was lost about two years ago in 2006. I don't expect much difference from the FX-68 which appears to have had a similar well-gigged life from its cosmetic appearances.

General Comments

While DOD for some reason seems to have a spotty reputation in some circles, I never really understood why. While they're more prone to cosmetic damage than say Boss pedals, I've yet to have one fail on me, and I'll take metal housing over plastic any day.


Due to most of the DOD line being phased out years ago, most of these pedals can also generally be found quite cheaply in the used market and are an exceptional deal compared to contemporary analog chorus units. I'd definitely urge players to try out an old DOD pedal first if you can find them used for a good price.

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