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Sound Quality

I use it with a Jackson Rhoads Standard and a 65 watt Marshall VS amp and it sounds great at a relativly low or mid-range volume. Its got a lot of low end, the highs however are pretty harsh(I kinda like that though). If you turn the volume and level up however, it turns into a real mess. I tried it once on a half stack with a Marshall JCM 900 head, and let me tell you, once was enough! You also get a lot of feedback.


Its real sturdy. I let someome use it at a jam session and he went crazy stomping on it because he thought the switch was stuck or something. Anyway, it stood up to that, so I think it'll stand up to just about anything.

General Comments

Even though it matches my style pretty well, its not a good match because of the volume problem. On the other hand if you keep the volume down, it sounds pretty cool. If you're looking for a more versitle pedal, you're better off with the BOSS Metal Zone.

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