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Sound Quality

I use this petal with a Fender Lone Star Strat and a 65 watt Marshall VS. Its very easy to get a smooth blues or rock tone with this pedal. It dosen't sound very good with the tone and drive turned up all the way, but if you're trying to get that much saturation you're better off with a regular distortion pedal. On the down side it dosen't work too well with high output pickups. I also own a B.C. Rich Warlock with a Super Distortion in the bridge position and a PAF pro in the neck position. It works well with the PAF pro, but sounds kind of harsh with the Super Distortion.


I've never had a Boss pedal fail on me. Its a very sturdy, well made pedal.

General Comments

I play mostly metal but have recently become interested in playing blues and guitar orientated rock (Dire Straits, Santana, etc.). This pedal does a good job of getting me that smooth but still strong tone. If it were ever lost or stolen I'd try out other similar pedals but I'd probably come back to this one.

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