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Sound Quality

I play the 9030 through the serial fx-loop of my beloved hughes&kettner tube50; when I connected the H&K's send to the 9030's input, there where problems with terrible whistling (maybe because of the analog preamp in the zoom); now I connect the H&K's send to the 9030's fx-return; now I can't use the compressor but all the noise and whistling is gone. I give it a 8, because of the considerable delay-time using the pitch-shifter; the other fx are quite good and range from usable to sick and unnessessary; I even use the amp-simulator, which gives my tube50 more balls when i play silently).


General Comments

I get MY sound out of it, and any other I want to (but always using the distortion of my tube50); I love using the distortion-curcuit of the 9030 as a sustainer.

I love this good old fx-unit, but I give it a 7 because of the pitch-shifter's delay-time and the noise concerning the preamp/compressor(?).

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