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Sound Quality

I'm using a strat built from parts: Squier body, Warmoth neck, Don Lace Sensor pu's, Graphtech saddles. The effects are malleable enough for you to get what you want from the unit. The quality of the OD's is very useable, and when coupled with the speaker simulator it makes this unit a powerful tool in the studio and on stage.


It's built from sheet metal: yeah, it's dependable. It's great at a gig: the LED's are bright and clear, and the tuner's precise and easy to punch in and out.

General Comments

I play through a Fender Deluxe 112, which I've owned for about 8 years now. (I've had the Digitech for about 6 years.) If it were stolen, I wouldn't replace it--it's discontinued, after all: at this point I'd rather have effects that are more like stomp boxes than a rackmount-type processor.


I'm going to sell mine only because I've got my eyes on a Boss ME-50. I never owned stomp boxes before buying the Digitech, and now that I'm comfortable with floor effects I know that I'd prefer knobs to menus. I'm quirky that way. But if you're cool with buttons and LED's, snap up one of these used if you can!

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