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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

the output level is frekin wild!!! (in a good way) as far as amps go i would totally recomend something with tubes. with tubes you can really bring out the pickup and the guitar's full potential. the super distortion is a passive pickup(unlike the actives such as some emg's. i personally like the dimarzio super distortion because it is passive wich really lets the wood of the guitar give it your signiture sound. even if u put an emg active pickup in a baseball bat you would still get the same sound. i like a really unique sound. TONE- The tone is great!!! before i got the dimarzio sd i was using my dying gibson stock humbucker and it sounded really really muddy and crappy. i thought it was my amp at first and i was super pissed but as soon as i popped that new sd in there it was a total difference. in my band (www.myspace.com/aynsleyrock)i play lead guitar. its kind of a senses fail/armor for sleep sound with more intense solos and thats why i needed the sd. the best postition i would reccomend for the sd is the bridge. this thing has alot of tone so make sure your trebble isnt up mad high



General Comments

if something happens to it like getting destroyed or stolen just get another one..its worth it

ive been playing for about 9 years. and out of all the stuff ive seen this is byfar the best. overall i am very satisfied

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