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Sound Quality

I play classic and progressive rock, but also i dig every type of music using electric guitars (even disco!! mind). As for the sound i think is not an awesome guitar. The pickups don't suck at all on the neck and the middle, but the bridge pickup is just awful, is too thwangy (kinda nice sometimes but not for me).Volumen crackled and too much hiss. Tone knobs do their job, you can feel the change in tone and the change between the pickups (middle position is the best for me).I know playing this guitar through a sp-10 squier amp doesn't help but i played mine on a marshall stack (it really improved the sound) so i base my opinion on that. Anyway for a beginner guitar i think it's and ok sound because when you start playing electric just don't know what sound you want. Now comes the good part. I changed the bridge pickup for a DiMarzio Fast Track 2 and now sounds like a dream!!! what a difference!!! also changed the potentiometers (250k)for original fenders (500k) and also there's a lot of difference (more tone and volumen) so my advice is this CHANGE THE PICKUPS INSTANTLY AFTER BUYING THIS GUITAR!!!! one more thing... also change strings, i know use rottosound 0.010 inad it's a big difference


I don't play live, use it only for fun (myself in my room) but it seems will stand live playing. Hardware will last for years i guess if you treat it well. Solid strap buttons but better get straplocks.


General Comments

I'll give this an 8 for a beginners guitar but if you're looking for a guitar to jam and you are a intermediate player, you might want to grab one of these and take it to a guitar tech (change pickups, strings, some electrics) and you will have a great guitar. I'm planning on replacing the neck and middle pickups with 2 DiMarzios Pro Track :), i think they fit my sound. I also what to say this: it's a strato, so i think you gotta keep it that way if you want H-S-S or H-s-H or whatever, go get an Ibanez Gio or whatever series have that config.


PD: if it were stolen i would seek the mofo and beat the shit out of him (or her who knows) i've put so much time and money in this guitar that i will never sell it (it's my first :) you kinda get attached to it).

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