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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

So I've been playing guitar for about 8 years now, with 1327 shows under my belt. My first performance amp was a Marshall Mode Four Head and 1960 cab. I also was in a garage band playing grunge and horrible 90's rock covers at the time. Since then I have owned amps from about every popular company, Line 6, Vox, Gibson, Crate, other Marshall, and lots of Fender's. With my increase in knowledge and experience, and increase in skill, I have come to realize that you don't need all the hoop la and fancy bells and whistles to get great tone. My musical preference has also evolved for the better. I play mostly blues, jazz, and funk, but get called to play shows with all different types of bands with different types of music, from rock to country. I'm not a Malmsteem or EVH, but I get compliments on my tone at every show. I bought this amp about 6 months ago, cause I was sick of lugging around my Blues Deville. The tone out of this tiny amp is every bit as warm and rich and plenty loud to rehearse with a band. I'm not into all the different effect pedals, I basically use this amp on clean, with an overdrive pedal, with a solo boost. I now use this amp almost exclusively due to fact that I'm sick of moving gear and taking forever to set up. Stock tubes that were in it were ok, I mean it sounded good, but it sounded WAAY better after replacing with mesa tubes. On bigger shows we tend to use a bigger p.a. system, so I just mic it. And if you don't trust that your sound man can do his job with the mix, he shouldn't be running sound in the first place... As far as axes, I run an American Standard Strat, a PRS Custom 24, a thinline tele, Japan Strat with EMG's, Les Paul Studio, and they all sound good...


I always carry a back up rig to my shows, because mechanical things alway can break down. But since I replaced the tubes, I haven't had any issues with this amp.

General Comments

Ease of use, portability, tone. Excellent amp. It even looks great, black with silver grill cloth.


I have a Fender Deville, Fender Twin Reverb, Line 6 Spider II head with 4x12 cab, Marshall JCM 800 head with 1960 cab, Gibson Mercury Head with 2x12 cab, Fender Reverb 30, Vox 15R Pathfinder, Vox Valvetronix VT30, and a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401. They are all great sounding amps in their own respect, but they are getting lonely...

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