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Sound Quality

I use an Epiphone Coronet and and Ibanez CT Strat an Australian Scorpion 2 channel 1000w amp. I play light, meloncholy grunge/rock. Like I said, I bought it because I was sick of knobs but it didn't take me long to get sick of the fuzziness and the weakness of the distoted sounds. And that's what I got it for basically. I used to have a Zoom 2020 and I bought this so I could get some decent sounds and our other guitarist plays a Boss DS-1 stomp box (that's all!) with a Washburn G-II and that sounds much better. All other effects are fine. I just bought an old ME-5 to replace it. Anyone interested??? lol


I've gigged with it about 10 times. I'm sure it's fine but once it started buzzing and humming loudly beefore a gig and I wasn't going to be able to use it. Fortunately it came good just inm time.

General Comments

I'm not going to keep- the distrotion sounds are just too weak. I'll be happy with the Boss ME-5.

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