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Sound Quality

I have it running through a Carvin 300 watt F series power amp and a peavey 4-12 cabinet. The wah sucks because it's digital. The pitch shifters suck because they are to slow. I wanted to get endless sustain like Dweezil Zappa but that wasn't going to happen because the stupid noise gate cuts off the note. So if you want a little sustain you can hear some noise if you don't want noise you don't get sustain. The pre-amp reaks because it's too weak. It won't even drive the 300 watt power amp.


I have used it on the road about 20 times and I only blew a fuse 1 time.

General Comments

I like to play Led Zeppelin and if anyone knows Jimmy Page they know that he likes sustain. But he wouldn't get it with this. I've been playing for 5 years I own a Carvin DC135 guitar and I'm going to sell the GSP2101 if anyone knows of a good effects processor send me an e-mail. To conclude, it seems that the people at digitech don't know what guitar players like, a quiet unit with good sustain and good effects.

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