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Sound Quality

Putting this between my sustomized Squier 51 guitar and my 1960's tube amp, with nothing else in the chain, seems to muffle 4k+ even when bypassed. Boosting the lacking frequencies seems not only to boost the signal, but also to compress it. The result is is muddy and harsh on my equipment, to my ears. Removing the pedal was an instant improvement. I bought an MXR 10 band EQ the next day and it is FANTASTIC for tone shaping in comparison. This pedal is not for me at all. I do not play through heavy distortion; I stick to clean tones and slightly crunchy blues tones. The MXR gives me accurate boosts in the frequencies I need.


Boss makes a solid pedal.

General Comments

Seems the people who are raving about the great qulaity of this pedal are trying to achieve a high gain tone. Perhaps better for that application. It did me no favors!

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