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Sound Quality

I'm using it patched between a Samson CR-4 wireless and a Rocktron Voodu Valve/Velocity amps. It's transparent, quiet as a tuner should be. It replaced a Korg DTR-2 that was picking up 60hz noise at high gain settings.


I dont know how reliable it is, as I just put it in the rack before last weekend's gig.


General Comments

I think a tuner is a tuner, but this one looks a little cooler than most...much better than the picture on their website. The slate-grey metalic finish looks at home in my rack which is all black face gear. Seems very well built, a little heavier chassis than the Korg. It's also built in the U.S.A., for some reason I like that.

It might be a little flashy for some, and the lights are definately RED. If I could I would dim the lights a little, but you can definately read it, even in daylight. Overall, I would say that it's a great unit for the price.

Reviewer's Background

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