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Sound Quality

I bought this plugin to replace my three 882i's. They are not an exact match, but that could be due to many things computer related. I spent many long hard minutes conducting A B tests to make sure I got my money's worth. I can be a little excessive when it comes to the sonic maximazer, that's why i had three. Three 882i's at $300 each = 6 stereo tracks, Compaired to the DX plugin at $99 = as many tracks as your gear can handle. It may not sound exactly like a Sonic Maximizer, but it's close enough to say "Hey, that's pretty close."



General Comments

Well worth the money. Acts and sounds like a Sonic Maximizer should. Never had any non-stupidity related problems (LOL).

Reviewer's Background

I've been recording in studio enviroments for 15+ years, both home and professional. I mostly take care of everything for myself, except drums, and have a fairly big home studio. I updated my studio to digital a couple of months ago, and was glad to find the digital counterpart to my 882i(x3). What i'm using now is an Intel P4 3.6, Windows XP SP2, Sonar 5 Producer, Controlled with a Tascam US-2400and four Behringer B-Control Rotary BCR2000's, M-Audio Delta 1010, M-Audio Delta 1010LT(x2). All fed through a Behringer Eurodesk MX9000. Yamaha NS10's and Behringer Truth B2031a's.

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