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glenn hargrave

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Here we go. Channels Clean 1 and Clean2 sound good but not great. A little noisy at peak levels and abrupt at around 8. Still needs more than the pre-amp to finish the sound. Even a little color from an effects processor can make a huge difference. I can live with these 2 channels but there's much better for the outrageous price. OD1 and OD2 sound like crap! I hear no convincing valves tones worth mentioning, but rather sounds more like an overpriced fuzz box. Dirty distortion at the high frequency and gutless for a Marshall. Gain and volume from 7 and above are just full of unwanted noise. Bass shift helps and is quite good but the sound is already bad. I think it could be usefull in a studio for certain tones but certainly not onstage. Those giving such good reviews on this amp can buy mine real cheap!


No problems yet although I've heard complaints about it losing buttons.

General Comments

I'm a recording engineer, musician (over 30 yrs), performer and an award winning songwriter. I use Marshall power amps Valvestate 80/80 and the Marshall 9100 Dual Mono, 4x12 1960a cab. Mesa, Marshall, Line 6, and various other amps and heads. The JMP-1 is just not competitive to other amp sounds when it comes to valve gain.

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