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Blackheart Engineering Handsome Devil BH-15H

Sound Quality

I received my HD head yesterday and started my fantastic journey of sound pleasure. Right out of the box I knew I had made a great purchase, brand new for $268.00 w/free shipping on Ebay. I had done a ton of research and made the choice to purchase JJ tubes, from Eurotubes.com and the BitMo Dapper Devil mod in advance. I played the amp, through a Valve Jr. cab loaded with a Weber ceramic Silver Bell speaker. This amp stock, has lots of clean headroom and an amazing array of overdriven tones. After about two hours I pulled the chassis and to my surprise, the head was loaded with JJ tubes. I had read that it came with cheap Chinese tubes, oh well.  I installed the set I got from Eurotubes because the V1 is an ECC803S with longer plates, V2 is a balanced ECC83S and the El84 s are a cooler matched set. Over all the difference was even more clean headroom with no volume loss.  Another two hours and I was ready to start the BitMo mod. Never having done this kind of work before, I was quite nervous. Id owned the amp for four hours and now I was going to cut it up and void the warranty all at the same time. Bruces instructions are excellent and the mod took me about 1.5 hours.  I put everything back together and plugged it in, it worked! Im playing a Fender Telecaster with GFS 59 humbuckers in both positions. After another two hours, I am blown away! 35 years of playing guitar and Im not easily impressed, but this amp is a monster. The first channel is much lower in volume than the other two, but is as crystal clean as it gets. The second channel is classic Fender tweed and really responds to pick attack and the presence and bass knobs are all I need to dial in some beautiful tones. Channel three is, for me, way over the top, but I can see where it would appeal to lots of players. Tonight I switched between channel 1 and 2 just noodling with jazz chords and man this thing oozes warmth and soul. I can say with confidence that this is a gig worthy amp. It may be the best value out there. Ive invested $350 with amp, tubes and mod, thats the price most retailers are charging for the head right now and I dont think theres another 15 watt head out there that can touch it.  I hope this review helps anyone on the fence about the Handsome Devil.


All the reviews say its built like a brick sh*t house and it feels that way to me. Rock solid. I'll give it a 10 because for now it works fine


General Comments

With the new tubes and Bitmo mod, it'll be tough to beat for $350.00

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