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Sound Quality

Great! I use it for a specific setup. I have a Boss LS-2 with a clean effects loop and an overdrive effects loop. The clean effects loop has the LS-2 level at about 12:00. This loop has a chorus and delay pedal. The overdrive loop has the LS-2 level cranked all the way (+20db), and includes the GE-7 and a boss DS-2. The GE-7 has all the sliders cranked with a few exceptions for tone shaping. This setup is awesome!! The key to it is the amp. I use a '68 twin reverb, the 100 watt monster with no master volume. Its very hard to overdrive this amp at low volumes but this setup will do it perfect. You don't really need the DS-2 because the gain from the GE-7 and the LS-2 is more than enough to overdrive the preamp and get real nice distortion. With my strat it gets a nice SRV sound, with my Les Paul junior (with an EMG-81) it cranks out like a zakk wylde style marshall. This pedal kicks ass! One note though...it does hum a little...but really only when i put my amp volume over about 5....at that volume though its extremely loud and only good for large venues. On average for a show i'll put it on 3 or 4.


its a boss....a nuclear holocaust couldn't hurt this thing.

General Comments

I play all kinds of stuff...blues, some hard rock, grunge...lots o' crap. This pedal is helpful for lots of applications. It can help you get a lot of different sounds out of a simple setup. It does hum a little but honestly it doesn't bother me that much.

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