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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

It has a bright growling twang, the sound is not as full (translated; thinner and lower volume)as let's say Texas Specials, but I get a real gnarly dirty bite that when played through my Super Champ XD hit a SRV LIKE sound easier than my all American Strat with Texas Specials. I have to use a couple of pedals with the Texas Specials to get to SRV heaven. (I won't tell you which cuz I spent a fortune on pedals and effects to find out). However this guitar has a nice dirty gritty sound that I really like, it's as though the pickups put out more than they read. I am planning to put some Fender Noiselesss in this guitar that's why I bought it. But the pickups it came with sound very good even though there is more hum than the big guy strat. I haven't pulled the pickguard to look for shielding.


As solid as any big Fender Strat.


General Comments

This is a real Fender Stratocaster guitar, as real as any other. It doesn't say Squire anywhere. It's a full size, full body fat neck Strat

and should be recognized as such. It has a sound of it's own due to the wood/PU combination and is very usable for a real player. This model came

with a 10 watt 6" spkr amp, Fender gig bag, Fender tuner, extra strings,

strap, cord, picks, and training disc. This is the best deal for a Strat

I have seen in years. All told the guitar cost me 50 bucks! This package is not sold everywhere and so is sort of a secret Fender special. The price of this guitar just doesn't tell the whole story. Get one.

Reviewer's Background

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