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Sound Quality

My guitar rig is set up like this: Ibanez Universe 7-string > Morley Bad Horsie Wah > Boss MT-2 Metal Zone > Boss GE-7 EQ > Carvin 212 Bel Air with Lexicon MPX-100 going through the effects loop. This pedal is an excellent partner to the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. The difference in the sound quality of the Boss MT-2, with and without the GE-7 is DRASTIC. The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is a high gain distortion pedal that can sound very harsh and edgey. The GE-7 warms this pedal up considerably and smooths out the rough edges without losing the "balls" that the Metal Zone is known and respected for. I can still get the trademark "Master of Puppets" sound with the addition of the GE-7. I can still do effective metal-palm muting. The only difference is.... the GE-7 makes the MT-2 sound MUCH BETTER!!! The low end is much tighter and the high end is not as abrasive. Overall, the sound quality of my guitar signal was greatly enhanced with the addition of the GE-7. My distortion sounds are thicker and much warmer. This pedal, like the MT-2 Metal Zone, is very quiet. I should have purchased this pedal a long time ago. My Carvin amp has a "passive" EQ with only three knobs to control tone with.... highs, mids, lows. The Carvin tube combo needed some serious help... and it got it from the Boss GE-7. The Carvin does a good job in giving a good--average--everyday "working man's" guitar tone... but I wanted to get a specific, technical sound.... and the GE-7 made that possible with no extra noise, hassle or trouble. The MT-2 Metal Zone's tone control was good, through the Carvin's clean channel... but it only controls the tone of the distortion.... NOT the overall guitar signal going into the amp with distortion, effects and everything else. As stated above... the GE-7 is the Metal Zone's best friend.


It's a Boss. Nothing more needs to be said. This thing will out-live roaches.

General Comments

I play progressive---dynamic---experimental hard rock/METAL that is influenced by ethnic and electronic music. This pedal has done wonders for my guitar tone. I don't have the cash for a MESA BOOGIE octuplet/quadruple rectifier head unit so I have to settle for a Carvin tube combo with pedals. If you like the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, get the GE-7. Then... you will love the MT-2 Metal Zone. Without the GE-7 you CAN NOT crank the level on the MT-2 without it sounding like crap (too much highs and mids). Before I had the GE-7, I kept the MT-2 level knob set around the half way position and it sounded OK by itself. With the GE-7, you CAN crank the level on the MT-2 Metal Zone and it sounds great. This allows me to get the needed boost from clean sounds to MT-2 sounds when I activate the pedal.

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