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Sound Quality

the distortions on this unit are great ! it seems to have alot of features .that i havent explored as of yet !


i just got it from a friend that said he would never sell it! how ever he just got a boogie traxis and a couple of weeks later he said wanted to buy the unit back ! and after that never gave me the manual he promised me he would look up! so i guess he liked the mp2 better than his new boogie after all! so far so good!

General Comments

im a devout metal head ! i have been using a zoom 9151 gsp

processor !. lopped thur a dimebag signature model randall

a/ b switched to ada mp2 looped with a ada s1000 into an ada pre amp ! thur two 4/12 25 watt celestion cabnets and it sounds killer !!! no noise

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