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Boss ME-6 Guitar Multi-Effects

Sound Quality

Favourite artist's sounds? Since this is not a modern virtual-I-don't-know-what unit, you can taylor sounds of your own. The distortions are not the modern rectified ones that punky kids and shreder's clones expect, I recommend them to use a separate distortion stomp box as I do. My current rig is as follows: I plug either my Ibanez RG320, my cheap-o-caster or my beautiful Aria Pro II (see review) to a Dunlop CryBaby, then to a Boss MT2, then the Boss ME-6 and sometimes I add a volume pedal at the end of the chain before the solid state Marshall Lead 12 combo. It gets quite noisy if you don't handle the compression carefully when using theinternal distortions or if you abuse of the reverb.If you use external distortion it's a real reliable machine! And the clean sounds are amazing! I can spend hours tweaking for nice delays, warm reverbs and convincing flanger sounds (oh, yeah, if you sit down and work this unit out, you can get even contemporary sounds easily; just listen to your ears and use your head!). Let me tell you that I heard a guy of a classic rock cover band in a pub and he was pulling amazing sounds out of the ME-6, a strat and a Fender Twin amp...I realy believe good quality gear make the difference when you use this unit: I had a Marshall MG15RCD and the MT2 and the ME-6 sounded HORRIBLE; but when I got this little beast Marshall Lead 12 (a solid state combo from the 80's)things were SOOOOOOOO different...Overall, cool EQ, great modulation FX's and so-so distortions. Try this one with headphones, it will astonish you! And I use it for gigs and it's great because Ican swithch from rhythm to solo leads with its obvious volume increase and it hanldes that perfectly. I don't know what the people say, but if you are patient you can get great sound from it.


VERY reliable. Although I 've been using it for a year, it hasn't let me down...except from the power supply which broke down. Despite what they say, I use a generic power supply which matches specs and it works perfectly!And it looks great on stage!

General Comments

I've been playing for 6 years and this unit fits perfectly my music styles which are har rock, metal, rock and some blues; not for the distortions but for the liquid modulation,the nice EQ you can get, and the fact that you can store a lot of patches and use it as a series of stomp boxes. If it were lost or stolen I 'd buy another BOSS multiFX 'coz they are excellent quality. Compared to the Zoom 505II(which I traded for the ME-6 and paid NOTHING) the Zoom sounds cheesy compared to the Boss in terms of modulation. I wish it had pitch shifting...it helps with my music because I can use it live and it's easy to use.

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