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Sound Quality

I play mainly funk/soul stuff and blues. For the money, this is a great sounding guitar. I bought it from Ebay, planning to use it as the basis for a project - thought I would probably need to replace the pickups, but they actually sound pretty damn good - convincing tele-tones in all 3 positions. No plans to change them at the minute. I'm playing through a valve amp, and it sounds fab. P/ups and electrics are quiet (for single coils). The tone control is effective, so it's pretty versatile sounding. For the price, I don't think you'd find much better.


This guitar seems pretty solid - it's a telecaster after all. With the exceptions of the tuners, it all seems pretty decent. Compares well Mex Fenders I've tried. I'm happy to gig it without backup.

General Comments

Playing over 10 years - other kit is Fender Strat Plus, various pedals, Epiphone Valve Junior, Fender Blues Deluxe, and Simon & Patrick Pro folk acoustic.

I'd highly recommend this guitar - for the price it is unbelievable, and I'd definitely replace it if it was stolen. I wasn't expecting great things for the money, and planned to spend a bit to replace hardware,pickups etc. But no real need. The new tuners were only ¿¿20, and around ¿¿40 for a decent set up. So in total, about a third of the cost of a similar Fender with all that done.

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