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Jason Burgess

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I can't admit to putting this amp through it's paces. All I know is it can make the sounds I want it to make, IE a clean one and a slightly gritty, not too overdriven sound. I know the variety of sounds is there because it has been designed with amp models that have styles ranging from thrash metal to country. The fact that this amp has a valve in the preamp and a power soak knob on the back to allow you to push the amp into meltdown with an output as low as 1w mean that I chose this over a Marshall MG.


I would say this is a reliable amp. The AD120VT I had before was really good and there is nothing to indicate this one isn't as good.

General Comments

I am biased toward Vox amps, but this one was not purchased blindly. I sold my old Vox amp and then drew up a list containing 12 different amps to choose from. This won not just because of it's modelling capabilities, but because the modelling is so good that it is beyond the gimmicky levels of other models.


I didn't initially like the fact that this amp has a chrome speaker grille and silver logos (instead of gold). I've actually grown to like this appearance, but I have also made up a brown Vox grille, so I can switch between them.

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