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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

Now believe me, I wanted to love this amp as much as the ACC, but after many hours of playing it with my Strat, I felt somewhat disappointed. I had two big issues with it; the main one being the reverb which I felt was terrible. I couldn¿¿¿t find a happy compromise ¿¿¿ either you couldn¿¿¿t hear the reverb at all, or it just swamped the whole sound and not in a nice way. Another problem for me was the harshness of the overdrive, with or without the blues driver. It totally lacked the ¿¿¿smoothness¿¿¿ that I like. After the hours of playing, I fired up the ACC and realised that it was in a different league altogether.


General Comments

Having said all this, there is no question that the Blues Junior is ¿¿¿good¿¿¿ (the other reviews will fill you in on the good bits), but I wouldn¿¿¿t say it was great. Perhaps it¿¿¿s unfair to compare it with a vintage classic, but the blues junior didn¿¿¿t make my strat ¿¿¿come alive¿¿¿ in the way the ACC does. In the end I sent the amp and boss pedal back for a refund and brought the ACC to Uni with me, the sore back is worth it!


I¿¿¿m really sorry fender ¿¿¿ you make great guitars but your Blues junior doesn¿¿¿t quite make the grade in my books. I¿¿¿m sure with some valve upgrades and other tweaks it would sound better, but I feel that after spending nearly ¿¿400 on a 15watt amp, it shouldn¿¿¿t need further attention. Finally, please bear in mind that these are only my personal opinions ¿¿¿ you may love this amp, but don¿¿¿t make the mistake I made of not trying one out before clicking ¿¿¿BUY ¿¿¿.

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