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Sound Quality

WANNA KNOW WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE? check out my website: www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear and go to the audio samples or the GSP2101 section. I think the GSP-2101 is by far the best fx device DigiTech ever made and there are only a few other devices (such as the Eventides) around that can match the flexibility of this one. I've always been into making weird (jaw dropping) sounds with it and have now created a sound that is soo close to an analog synth that many people that I know could not believe it was done with a guitar and the GSP2101. And they know what they're talking about, they are the ones that use those synth!. I know most of you are just looking for some chorus and delay, so the audio sample won't be much of a help. But it clearly shows how far and absurd this device can go. Don't think that any Rocktron, TC Electronics or Lexicon device can do this. So go on and check it out. www.vanhelden.demon.nl/gear I want to add another thing to my previous posts. I've got my 2101 now updated with the lastest software and with a 2nd S-DISC. I wish I would have done that sooner. I now got seamless patch changes and am able to make the most complex setup I could imagne!. JUST BEAUTIFULL.


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