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Sound Quality

The distortion sound are quite pour. The lack of sensitivity and dynamics. Most digital amps sound like that, and compared to others it's not bad, but certainly not analog (read dynamic !). I use the compressor, volume knob and a lot of EQ's to get a good sound. It is possible, but it's really hard to get an good "clean" suntainfull distortion with the hisses and pour soundquality. Although I use premium tubes (Mesa Boogie, Groove Tubes) it doesn't get much better. Chorus and Pitchshifter are week too, but not bad at all. Overal the sound is pretty good and you can really make your own sound so that's really cool, realtime effect controll is 100 % cool. Just wished the tubes sounded more realistic. I play on a Les Paul and a Ibanez Universe 7 (7string VAI) trough a VOX Wah (really good) into the digitech. XLR out puts with speaker compansation to a Behringer Ultrafex (enhancer/exciter, really good) to a Mesa Boogie Simul Class 395 (2x90 all tube "from heaven" power amp, Marshall is nothing compaired to this) to an Marshall 1960 4x12".


Depends. When it starts to fuck, it really starts to fuck and it can get you in a lot of trouble for a long time. But if it runs o.k., you're lucky and happy, because then it works good. But I just had a lot of trouble with Digitech stuff over the years. But it should say enough that I still want to use them, over a lot of other brands.

General Comments

Good machine, with a lot of endless possibilities, which is really great. EQ section is unmissable, and really good. I always use and extra EQ on every preset. To bad the machine sound a bit too digital and misses the dynamics of "real" tubes.

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