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Reinhardt Amplification The Jester

Sound Quality

I use two guitars, a strat, and a Jackson with humbuckers. Musically, I cover everything from contemporary Christian up to 80's and some 90's rock and metal. Style wise I don't really try and emulate anyone's tone or playing style. Ampzilla is not noisy at all on channel 1 with the gain cranked, and behaves like a plexi. The higher you go on the volume, the better it saturates and sounds. This is not an amp for the typical bedroom jammer unless he or she owns a hotplate. On channel 2 it has a higher noise threshold, but not unmanageable or annoying. Tone wise, the amp has a lot of mid punch with a thick tone as the power section is cranked. I never play it unless it's on 6, but at lower volumes it sounds pretty good. The distortion isn't the buzzy modern distortion like a recto, but is more of an amalgamation of a Marshall and a Trainwreck (Ken Fischer) sound. It will slice through any mesa boogie or JCM800 with utter impunity.


I have gigged it with the volume floored at every gig from day one for four months now without any issues whatsoever. No issues on using this amp with an attenuator either.

General Comments

Overall I give this amp very high marks in the tone department. Like I said it's the second Reinhardt I have owned and it has been flawless for me. My gear gets road rash from being move to and from gigs twice a week, but seems to hold up very well for what some would call "boutique" gear. If it were lost or stolen, I'd got to Reinhardt amps for another in a minute. I absolutely love the fact that I can go to a gig and the Ampzilla lets my guitar playing come out front instead of getting lost in the mix. Yet it is not harsh or hard ot control in any way. The chords all seem to be harmonically rich and articulate with this amp. I can't explain it, but it just seems to have a little something special about it that I never heard with factory Marshall or Mesa Boogie amps.

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