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Reinhardt Amplification Titan Head

Sound Quality

Right now I'm in a strat phase, and using an American Deluxe with the samarium cobalt pickups. This amp suits my music style really well as I mostly play clean jangly to bluesy break up type stuff. The amp makes a little noise with the volume and master volume dimed, but most amps do when the gain and master are fully cranked. The amp can do Fusion Jazz to AC/DC and early VH types of gain. I play mostly blues with it, but have been venturing into the gain territory here lately. The clean channel has more headroom than the plexi channel, but it will break up nicely if dimed. The Thing about this amp is that it is designed to break up and deliver the goods at high master volume settings, and it is a very nice distortion sound. Distorted but the individual notes are clear. Also, with the amp fully cranked, you can roll off your guitar's volume and it cleans up nicely. Also, the amp is very touch responsive; play softley and you get soft tone, dig in and you are rewarded with very nice grit and breakup. All the eq knobs on it work really well and are balanced for this amps voicing.


It is a rock solid amp indeed, but I always take an old SS amp for backup. Things can happen unexpectedly. Bob services his amps so no worries.

General Comments

I've rated everything nearly a solid 10 because I think this amp is an outstanding value for the money, in both workmanship and functionality. I do not work for the Reinhardts. I've been playing for 25 years and have owned a Carvin x100b, a Marshall JCM 800, and a Marshall DSL 100, as well as many solid state amps over the years. If it were lost of stolen, I'd Call the Reinhardts again in a minute to build me a new amp. I really like the amp just as it is. I may install some NOS power tubes but that's it. I will add that the Reinhardt's go out of their way to take care of their customers needs, and you will not regret paying them to build you an amp. This is my first boutique type amp and I don't really have to pamper it as it is tough. I may have a JTM45 built by the Reinhardt's next year as I have been bitten by the JTM bug!

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