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Rockytop Electronics 45H Head

Sound Quality

Overall, the amp displays a 3 dimensional tone quality that I didn't hear in amps 3 times the price. The amp starts out clean, and stays clean till about 6, then starts a nice fat, bluesy style breakup. Moving the volume to 7 and 8 it then goes into to a fully saturated AC/DC, Angus Young style tone. The beuty of this amp is the way it responds to picking dynamics and rolling off on the volume knob. With my R7LP or Eric Johnson Strat it goes from smoking rock to beutifull cleans. It is a very quiet amp, even at full bore. In the age of modern amps, many fail to see the beauty or versatility that the venerable old JTM45 can offer. It does the rock sound in spades, yet has enough headroom to do Jazz and funk. Not to mention the fact that KT66's are an awesome tube for purists and other tone nuts like me.


It's built like a tank. I actually use it for three services at a church every third sunday and at home a lot. It initially shipped with EL34's, but has an extended range bias and easily biased up for KT66 tubes. (Be carefull, there are lethal voltages lurking in these amps) With the proper KT66's, the notes are just fat and round. One of the other guitar players I jam with regularly noted that it sounds "rather righteous".

General Comments

I've been playing since I was 14, off and on. I own several boutique amps and try to be an overall well rounded musician. I would definitely purchase another amp from rockytop. I'd just like to take the time to thank guys Like Jesse from Rockytop for taking the time to build amps like this.

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