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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I play mostly my Jeff Beck strat with EMG's, nut sometimes a Hamer Mirage, (2hb's). The strat gives it all the glassiness you would expect from a Marshall. The hamer seems a bit lifeless, but I've never heard a guitar with more clarity than my strat, so it's excusable. I run the JMP-1 through a rocktron replifex and a Marshall 20/20 EL84 power amp (the best tube power amp I've EVER heard) and it seems to have the cut you'd expect from a Marshall stack.


Had it for over 2 years and the only thing that went wrong was a clip that came loose on the inside that made the display go out. Popped the top, and 10 seconds later it was fixed. I play 150 to 200 shows a year, and this is the most reliable piece I've owned.

General Comments

Been playing professionally (actually making a living at it) for five years. I investigate before I buy. No, it's not the greatest tone machine, but it's a 7 or 8 across the board. Would I buy another one? Yes, because although I've heard better, the other ones had horror stories about service and cost way more $. Besides, NOTHING sounds like a Marshall, and this baby nails hte tone.

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