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Sound Quality

I use this with my Moog Theremin. Playing a theremin is difficult because everything from small settings on the sensitivity to the weather can alter how the pitch changes when you move your hand toward and away from the pitch antenna. This makes sure I hit exactly the right notes, making it a highly usable instrument. If I could ever afford one of the more expensive theremins from Moog, which has a big, mostly empty case, I'd install this inside of it. I have this immediately after my theremin. Then it goes to a DOD Octoplus and an Arion SAD-1 analog delay to fatten the sound. From there it goes to a Mackie Mixer and a Peavey Deca 528 amp.


It's a rack mountable tank. When I upgraded it I saw the construction. It is very solidly built.

General Comments

To the $400 used price add an extra $50 for the upgrade. This is really the only complaint I would have. This puppy is very expensive. New it's about $600 (all U.S. prices). But it's the best that's around. So I'm giving it an overall 8, not because it isn't great, but just because IMO it's too pricey.

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