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Sound Quality

This is where it really shines. I learned FM on a PDP-11 computer, laboriously hand entering code. The DX-7 was a miracle and, because I knew the insides of FM, a breeze for me to use (the DX-7 practically put most U.S. synth makers out of business). But the FM used in the 7 was very limited and, well, weenie. The 77, uses AFM (advanced FM) and what a difference. This is a monster! Analog sounds from FM? Yes. And sample playback, too. Combine them for one of the best synths ever.


I always depend on it.

General Comments

I have never found anything to compare. I it was lost or stolen I would either get another or it's bigger cousin, the 99. That one has slightly better expandability and supposedly better-sounding efex.

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