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Sound Quality

very very very very DODgy. (there it is again). like that other dude said it picks up the radio and pops... which i m sure is bad for the speaker.effects are weak as. using it with a hughes and kettner bassforce xl, and i stopped using it with it coz it might wreck my sub. can;t get any pro sounds out of it at all, not even worth trying.


cannot depend on it.... simply. the power supply input jack spewed within two months of buying it. bad news indeed. wouldnt embarass myself by taking it to a gig... not even for the tuner.

General Comments

i play punk/funk/soft rock. bad match. been playing two years, play a fender jazz bass through a h and k with a boss bass eq (buy this, u fool). i m going to try and trade it in for a digitech bp200 this week, but i dont like my chances of the retailer taking this hunk of junk so i ll probably just play soccer with it or throw it in the harbour, maybe even attach it to a tow bar for a couple of days.i chose this one coz i was just beginning with effects when i bought it, and it was cheap. wasnt even worth 99 bucks, seriously DODgy stuff. do not waste your time.

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