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Sound Quality

Guild, Yamaha to go through a mixing desk. Generally speaking it is super quiet unless you really pump up the effects. Speaking of which I'm happy with the effects but only use a few since I'm after a cleanish sound with subtle effects. These effects are great


Never had any problems with the unit. Only thing that once occured was with the wall wart on the X-15 foot controller and that turned out to be a faulty socket.

General Comments

Playing Christian - rock ballads to folk sound quality (especially quietness when not in use)was paramount. The alternative set-ups allow much experimentation and just about any guitar sound can be faithfully reproduced/created.

Gear wise I have a number of guitars, PA gear with Mackie desk, keyboards and too much else to list

The one gripe is that the upgarded version took away the potential to power the X15 from the unit adding one more plug.

If you can get this unit (pdf manuals can be found on the web) get it and spend some time getting to grips with it. It is worth every penny even though I don't use all the features of the unit. But do get a foot controller as without this it would be a pain in a live environment

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