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sean ghannam

Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-355 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Sounds ok,, ..just ok compared to a real 1970's era 355.that's about it..nothing special. I've tried it with dozens of different setups. Full sound...good variety of sounds thanks to the varitone. I'm just disappointed becuase this is supposed to be like Lifeson's, and it's not. The body shape is all wrong..not a 70's shape..TERRIBLE volute..gets in the way of the first fret(behind).


have no idea..has been in the case most of it's life...it's going to be for sale soon.


General Comments

been playing a long time, own lots of gear, have lots of vintage Gibsons, have been a big Rush fan all of my life...this guitar is a big disappointment...Gibson really screwed up on this project..I feel bad for Mr. Lifeson..they have put his name on a guitar not worthy of it.

Reviewer's Background

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