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Sound Quality

Used primarily with a Tex Mex Strat through an '83 Fender Concert for the usual "clean w/chorus" sound. Like any older chorus pedal, there is faint swooshing noise when it's on, but that comes with older analog effects, and the tradeoff for the great sound makes it well worth it ! Very strong chorused sounds. Can go from Leslie-like and slow to faster and more detuned "watery" types of chorusing.


Very reliable. Have owned it for 2 years, and I've yet to have a problem with it.

General Comments

Overall, it's worth the money to search one out. You can usually find one for less than $100, and the chorus sounds that this thing produces are wonderful. It'll give you that Andy Summers/early 80s Police tone with no problem. I've given up my search for a CE-1 as a result of this ! I have two criticisms though - (1) If you want to switch between speed settings, the pedal has to stay on and you can toggle between the two, not choose between them and bypass mode, and (2) It takes two batteries, and it's not shy about eating them ! But the tone is still worth it ! Superior early 80s thick lush chorusing !

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