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Sound Quality

I used this alot when I first got it. It was cool for its time back when it first came out. Since Ive gotten into mastering more I've quit using it all together. The BBE was a live sound PA enhancement tool that goes back to the 80s and 90s. Its a kind of aural exciter that shouldnt be put in your mixdowns if your going to do some serious mastering later. Ask ant pro engineer what will destroy a mix faster. If youre just doing demo stuff it will add some sheen to your mix but I found that properly recording and EQing the tracks will do much more to get a pro sound.



General Comments

Definately Not worth a hundred dollars though it does give a realistic sound in comparison to the hardware unit. I would rather spend $100 on a hardware unit to record say the vocals or drums through it, Plus I'd have the benifit of using the unit in a rack for live performances.

Reviewer's Background

40+ years making music and recording.

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