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Sound Quality

This is a tone monster, jazz to rock.... I never shred or do any of that metal crap that disguises as music (sorry boys). But for purity of tone with the ability to growl and stomp, it's got it. Not too bright, but bright enough if you want to make music. I use it with a Tech 21 TM 60 (super amp!), a micro cube, the Vox Da-5.


It is strong, I play it where ever. I live in Thailand at the beach, and the corrosion that usually eats most hardware, strings, people, etc. hasn't been all that bad. Some spotting on the chrome, but not as bad as on some of my others. Climate there will rust plastic... However, the little Guild G emblem on the tone knobs... one fell out. Near the beach (every guitar is a beach guitar, imho). Lose a point for that one. Buttons are solid, but I put strap locks on anyway, so can't speak for the stock ones. I would use it without backup and have done so many times.

General Comments

I've been at it for 43 years, with a long break in the middle... Gear? Ibanez AF95, Hagstrom D2F, Ovation VXT, Yamaha strat, Hamer strat, Tacoma jumbo, Larrivie D3, Breedlove dread, amps I mentioned above, lots of other toys lying around...

I might have liked a sunburst... but GC didn't have and I wanted a Guild for my 50th birthday present to myself. Took home a SF 3 but the bigsby seemed to keep it out of tune to much, so kept this one instead.

There is nothing I hate about this. I has one of the most lovely electric tones you'd want to distort. What do I like best? Toss up between the neck and the pickups.

I give it a 9 because to me a 10 would be my Ovation VXT

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