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Hagstrom Deluxe F Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Sound is great, tho abit dark. Easy enough to adjust on the amp... Nice full sound, no noise. I usually use it with a Vox DA-5, tho sometimes a Roland micro cube and a tech 21 trademark 60 (great amp). Can get all sorts of wonderful sounds, single coil mode won't be a strat, but then again it isn't thin like a strat. I can make most of the sounds I want in a semi-hollow/solid configuration. It isn't a holowbody jazz box, but you can approximate in a pinch.


I have no doubt it will survive playing. It is not flimsy at all, solid like a tank. However, I live in Thailand at the beach (a severe test for any part of a guitar!!!). The chrome plating on all chrome surfaces is far too thin. Within weeks it started to discolor and tarnish, inspite of my efforts to keep it clean and take the sweat off as soon as I finished playing. So now the pickups and tailpiece are less than beautiful. Too bad. So as far as the playing goes, no problem. But chrome is big problem.

General Comments

I've been playing about 40 years. I have maybe 13 guitars: half acoustic (Breedlove, Tacoma, Larrivie, Gibson, etc); Ibanez Hollowbody (love that one), Guild Starfire IV, some strats, etc. I bought from guitar center on line since they don't stock these. I was apprehensive, and with good reason, considering cosmetic flaws. Also didn't think it would be quite that heavy. I don't own a car here in Thailand, so that and my Vox portable can be a bit much after awhile. I would probably get another one, but would like to choose my own. Didn't have luxury of enough time during last visit to states.

Would be nice if it had 2 vol/2 tone controls. Coil tap is not just volume cutter like some say.

I wanted the hagstrom vibe. Maybe cuz first teacher had one way back when...And I play for alot of Scandinavians... Sweden and all that. For what it is, and what you pay, it is a good deal. Especially if you live in a normal climate that is not too salty or hot or humid.

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