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Sound Quality

It sounds remarkably good considering it's size. Don't expect miracles. If you think of it not as a regular guitar, it's a hoot. Yamaha calls it a "guitarlele", which is apt. The sound, tho not deep (duh!) has lots of character/nuance and I am quite happy with it. It's good for some jazz, country.... I guess any sort of acousti thing (forget it metal heads). I can reach cords on it that would be impossible for me on a full size fret board. For what it is, and the price and any other caveats, it's very fine.


The question is will this survive my travelling? The bag could trully use more padding. I had a little goodies bag sewed on in Ubud, which may help protect it during those 3rd world bus rides I tend to take. Put a nice ding in the back already down at my beach hut in Padang Bai. This was so cheap that it is like a consumable guitar, tho I do like it so much I don't feel like turning it into firewood. There are no strap buttons. You don't need a strap to hold this.

General Comments

When you bop around in local transport, this is a god send. It fits in my travel bag when need be; it's light, short and less likely to get stolen or broken. It always brings out an amused smile from other players, until they try it, and then they don't want to give it back! I'd buy another if it's stolen, in fact, I have expect it to be stolen.

There were some small Yamahas there at the store, but this is more fun, and in a category without much competition. They have all sorts of Ovation knockoffs in Asia, but they don't have the 3/4 size, so I can't really compare it.

I've got a bunch of other guitars: Guild Starfire IV, Oscar Schmidt acoustic, Hamer strat, a few others lying about, hearing their strings pop off in the humidity of Bali... But I do love this little thing, and it's great for figuring out tunes. It seems to pull them out of the air.

The 10 I give is based on the price/features/quality of it, not up against some Taylor or whatever.

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