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Sound Quality

I'm using it with Prophet VS and Roland JV-1080 synths, guitar w. vox amp and vocals using SM57 or Behringer C1 (cringe) if I have to (yep, I am cheap). I am sequencing drums & bass from the JV using an Atari STe running cubase. I think all the effects are great, to the extent that i tend to overuse them. The distortion effects are standout (of course being Zoom). I reserve some rating points because it still sounds very digital, but this may be just as much because I haven't got decent mics, pres and out board compressors (it does have preamp and compression as insert effects, but you can only uise one insert effect at a time), and also because I am a novice.


Not a single problem in over two years of hard use at home, I am about to take it on the road without a backup.

General Comments

it is a fairly good match for my particular brand of electronic-bossa-nova-rock, I've been playing in bands for about 15 years and am using it to get a solo act together. If it were stolen or lost I would may get another just because it took me some time to learn how to use it, but if I could I would upgrade to something that will take external MIDI clock

I love its distortion effects. Lack of automated mixing I knew about when I bought it, but it's still a pain.

I HATE that it won't run on an external MIDI clock, why the hell not? The inbuilt sequencer is just a toy, really, and you can't change tempo mid-song. Arrrrggggh!! Tempo changes are my thing! The sampler is also a toy - it runs out of memory after you've given it about 8 samples, plus you can't use it at teh same time as the drum/bass machine. Combined with the fact that you cannot program any tempo changes whatsoever, this means that if you are using it for externally sequenced stuff it is very difficult to achieve sequenced tempo changes - basically unless you want cram things in all at once using the 8-track simulataneous recording feature (which is OK but you can only use one insert effect), you have to record additional tracks in real-time straight to audio. Also I think it doesn't have a MIDI thru, which combined with not taking ext clock seems stupid to a point bordering on arrogance - the manufacturer seems to think that users will only ever want to use the MRS as the master epicentre of a sequencing setup, which with its seqeuncing limitations is very unlikely. The manual of course doesn't tell you that it doesn't do these things, you just work it out over time.

I still love it, we have done a lot together, but this problem has screwed with my head for two years now and made me miss all deadlines for getting songs down.

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