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Sound Quality

Ahhh...this is a tricky one. I havent toyed around with it enoougghhh yet but this thing is very very sensitive to small movements of the knobs. So far most sounds 'recommended' in the manual are pretty crappy, but the fact that there is a wide range means that there are many possiblities. I found a pretty nice Joe Satriani setting that is the SH-1 thru the GE-7. It does get some hiss when u boost any freq. too much. I still think its a good hunk of BOSS.


This thing is not the freaking Abrams Tank that everyone makes it sound like. I had it for only 3 days and i broke one of the plastic covers for the knobs by merely moving it, however thats not a big deal, the rest of the pedal seems rock solid....

General Comments

Prolly the best BOSS pedal u can get for tonal change. Very versatile i think. However its digital and u will always get that digital 'hint' in the sound that i personally dont crave...

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