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Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer Pedal

Sound Quality

Its been debated already. I can't comment on on how "original" it is. Last time I played an original ts9 was when they were new 20 years ago. I can say it sounds great specially compared to my boss df-1 super dist and feedback. The boss is a toy by comparison. I'm not fooled into thinking I have a tube amp but the ts-7 is a well voiced pedal. I bought this as an inexpensive pedal that I could modify but after playing it I'm going to hold off any changes. I'll modify the boss instead. If I hurt it there's no loss.


It seems to be built like a tank. Its obviously metal and should last a long time. I want to comment on something I haven't seen mentioned here. I opened my ts-7 up and looked inside. It has the famed JRC4558 chip although it makes sense that the diodes that do the clipping may make the most difference in the sound. As I dug in I was amazed at the build quality. 4 or 5 component boards and very hight quality wiring all in detachable harnesses. The 1/4" jacks are not connected to the metal chassis but to metal brackets inside that are screwed to the chassis. Frankly it looked over engineered and overly complicated to build but its so reasonably priced I must assume it was designed for automated assembly. Its not hard to get into. I see they could have built it with a single pc board by mounting all jacks and pots on the board but that always causes broken solder joints. I took it half apart and it went well. Very high quality but it does use self tapping screws into the chassis so if you were to take it apart too many times the screw holes would likely strip out. Also the push-in pots are a great gimmick. Possibly useful but certainly more costly than simpler ones. The insides may not matter to most users but there are many who may want to modify their ts-7 into an 808 or ts-9. There are many hotrod tips on the internet and the price makes it affordable to play with.


General Comments

I really have not used it enough as guitar effect but its great as a science experiment.

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