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John Hodge-F2sxR

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I've played it through my quality equipment that I've collected over my 30+ years of playing: new and vintage tube and solid state amps with a real Tele, Strat, Les Paul and others. I play mostly blues, rock and honkey tonk. With this pedal I desired to achieve a mild overdrive to fluidize solos and crunch up rhythm. The Bad Monkey gets close, but no cigar. I thought that the individual high and low eq knobs would set this pedal apart from competitors in the $40 to $60 range..... but I was wrong. For example, I locate a clean and beautiful tone with my guitar and amp. Then, I use the Bad Monkey to layer some bluesy drive while trying to maintain the unique personality of the guitar and amp. Doesn't happen. The janglyness gets lost as the high's get sucked away. It you adjust the pedal's eq knobs to compensate, you compromise the true tone of the guitar and amp. I also have a Boss Blues Driver in which the Monkey is in direct competition with. The Blues Driver is superior in maintaining the sparkle in your tone compared to the Monkey.


It's heavey for it's size and appears solid in construction.

General Comments

A good pedal for the price that does the mild to medium overdrive thing well and has good flexibility for tone shaping. Without jumping to far in price there are better pedals though. Wrapped in a green case with yellow lettering, DigiTech has created the ugliest pedal ever........but this only adds to the vibe.

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