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Sound Quality

I use a parker fly deluxe into my preamp and from there into my qsc poweramp, then into a peavey 4x12 fullstack and it sounds awesome. I'm sure if i were to purchase something like a VHT 2/9/2 power amp it would sound incredible.The s-disc silencer is flawless once you find the right threshold setting for whatever you play.It offers absolute silence when you're not playing even without having to hold the strings.I keep my algorythms with a low pass filter and a slight chorus to fatten the tone slightly without compensating articulation.This amp is capable of getting absoluely any tone you could want if you're willing to work at it.I got the sound i wanted which is extremely heavey and clear.It has absolutely no flabbiness in the tone which of course is perfect for high speed riffing.By eq-ing a single algorythm i can get so many different sounds, and with the massive amount of eq options the possiblities are limitless.


It's fairly relaible with no serious problems since i've bought it(used).The only problem i have is at times when i switch to another channel the volume is for some reason much lower which is easily resolved by switching to another cannel and back again.Besides that it's trustworthy enough for a 16 yr old kid like myself, or anyone else for that matter that doesn't exactly have enough money for a "spare".

General Comments

I play extreme progresive metal and as anyone might know i can't afford to have an amp that is either not heavey or clear enough.For something i paid almost nothing for it by far exedes the abilities of any other amp i have played.I've been playing for 3 years and i am absolutley obsessed with sound quality and playability.My current set up is all i own besides a Jackson Rhoads and a Peavey road master head.If this were stolen or lost there's no question that i'd buy another.The fact that i have created my own distinct sound that sets my tone apart from any other preamp is why i like it so much.The heaviness and clarity of this preamp by far makes up for any other flaws it might have.I've played through Marshalls, Boogie rectifiers,and Line6, and it's my personal opinion that i have found a better sound than any of those from my gsp 2101.The most important thing about this preamp is that it requires some time and brains to use properly which i don't mind considering the sound i've gotten out of it with such a simple set up.

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