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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I use this box with an Ibanez RG 620, with Dimarzio's: X2N-B in the bridge and a Norton in the neck.(Nice combination btw!) and currently the JMP has a Boss GX-700 in the FX-loop(Wich WILL change!!!)these two go into a Bassman 100(Will change too, the thing's old, not mine and needs service! Hence when I get my 4U case: A poweramp!) The Sound: 2 tubes -good start- tone controls are: Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, A bass-shift function(wich gives palm-muted chords a little more "Oompf")and a Send/return effects control(from 0 to 12, i.e: 0 being off, 6 being 50% wet, 12 being 100% wet,..and all those in between) 4 channels: 2 clean, 1 dark: all in all the standard Marshall clean sound, dark and a rough edge if the gain is turned up, although with both cleans it's better not to turn the gain up to 20 (although all to your own taste,..once in a while I like to rattle the sounds a little this way) 1 bright: Marshall tries to give a more fender type sound here... (understandable "If ya can: DO!") but unfortunately you're able to make this sound similar to the first clean with ease, not as dark but as bright as the first one (sounds a little solid-state btw) 2 distortion, 1 "The neighbors don't need to hear every string being picked seperately" Clarity: great sound good response, got it turned up to 20 on all my rythms (my guitar can be turned down for less Gnarl, this Brit cleans up very well but a total clean is almost impossible in these settings..Oh, I would have to turn the gain down a little?? YEAH RIGHT!!!) Go to the neck PU, twist your toneknob to "Meltdown" and be the first to feel just the guitarist rumble the podium you're on.......eheh, niceeeeee!!!! 1 "The neighbors ask why their wall is vibrating!" This is the "Over the top" (maybe they incorporated the JCM type solid-state end-circuitry here?) sound, great lead sound, less reaction to different notes Does it have enuff gain? NO!!!, gonna throw in some Wxt's when the time and money comes, But for most players it does, noise???: yeah at gain 15 and a maxed out EQ it starts to annoy you but with my EQ settings and gain at 20 i find it acceptable (Noisegates have lost my trust, they suck up your tone and choke your guitar when you want it to ring out and die beautifully!) No rating here, for sound it's each his own wish!


Hmm...only have it for a few months BUT...... as many: the dialswitch skips numbers often, Not so bad though, it doesn't mean your FC will do this too. The Master volume mutes between 9 and 12???? what is this?? somekind of safeguard?? As for a backup: the GX 700 is my FX unit now, but it still has the old presets from when I used this unit as stand alone, so if a problem occurs I yank the GX back in standalone setup (Let's hope we don't have to!)

General Comments

I play HR/HM at a gain level usually used for thrash, I go from a Lead/rythm sound to a lead/tungsten carbide tone for solos (all this doesn't sound that extreme :->)so many G-players might have enuff with a gainlevel of 12 to 16. I bought this unit since the fact that a Piranha was WAY over my budget (they had one unit left at the dutch importer they would sell it to me for a friendly 1100 $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!6 months on a shelf...BUY MY ASS!!!!!)so a little later on I came across this unit on the internet and ordered it, I could have done ALOT worse even if I payed full price, this unit is a standalone preamp and it does it's work beautifully, for the FX I'm thinking about a Replifex or JFX since the GX-700 is only transparant when all effectblocks are OFF, not much use for that and I only use chorus, delay and reverb (wich also sucks on the GX!) As for COSM and solid-state preamps:I first didn't care much for tubes, transistors were good enuff for me, but when you play on something like the GX 700(wich came AFTER the Roland GP-100!)for over a year, you realize that your preamp isn't giving you what you want, your guitar isn't giving his natural sound that he gives unplugged, or the distortions sounds lifeless and dull, you try the COSM sims but the Marshall sims give less gain then your homepractice combo (A cheap one!)And even a combination of distortion and amp-sim doesn't make ti better!I needed a TUBE-amp/preamp but a large head isn't something I like taking home after practice and as for MIDI: heh the 30 aniv. LM is taken out of production,...too bad! So I needed a 1U, maybe 2U space preamp with midicontrol, hence my want for a Piranha(and I still want!!!) but it became the JMP(1100 @*#$*@ dollars for a Piranha... BITE ME!)and the JMP-1 is,..well,..an experiment made by Marshall.

It shows designflaws plenty, not in layout (except for Jacks as speaker emulated output instead of XLR) but in control, EQ-setting only go from -6 to +6...well sorry boys, but that's really lousy, it hardly gives you control capability, being a 2 digit display you atleast could have gone from -9 to +9! the volume control over the FXloop is ok from 1 - 6 but once you've hit seven you're surrounded by your FX-unit(i.e. you get the idea you dialed it to 12!) and you need to adust it's volume to compensate, and why does it start at 00 instead of 01??? Not smart, I bet they didn't make these mistakes with the 30 aniv LM. I do hope they find a way to update these gripes coz in essence this is a good box, it has various different Marshalls in it's possesion and plenty of gain to go, if they were to update on those problems and release the "JMP-2" They will have a serious interested buyer in me.

If it were stolen or lost I'd buy it again (unless I'm rich, I'll buy the piranha!) It's no less marshall, it's no less professional, it's just a little less perfection and that's something we can work around!

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