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Sound Quality

The pickups I initially chose did not work with this guitar at all. The winder (who's pickups I really like a lot) blamed the guitar, so I decided to let it season for about 6 months, trying new strings every so often, no luck. For want of a better term there were some weird harmonics going on. Finally after half a year I was ready to try some new pickups in it. I had some in mind asked Mark for his advice and without me saying a word he came up with the very same ones I had – Pearly Gates. So I ordered some and had them installed. WOW, tone to the bone. Now the guitar sounds every bit as good as it looks. My Ronson Bluesboy get's the 10 for the custom '59's, so this only gets a 9.


The guitar has a warranty for life by the original owner. My Bluesboy has held up great, the thin finish wearing slightly in a couple spots. Also use of a humidifier is recommended for dry climates. I gave the rating a 9 because it is a thin nitro, so wouldn't expect it to take as much abuse as say a thick poly finish. The price you pay for tone.

General Comments

10 plus , 5 stars, highest marks. If it were ever lost or stolen I would definitely commission another one. I’d consider getting a flame next time if he couldn’t find any wood as beautiful as this quilt. I have a pretty nice collection of guitars and my top four were all made by Ronson.

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