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Sound Quality

So... my current setup is... US HWY1 strat - BOSS OCTAVE OC2 - BOSS Fender Bassman FBM-1 - DOD FX 55B Supra Distortion - BOSS RC-2 looper - Marshall MG100HDFX. For the record, this is the older Supra, the USA one that doesn't say DOD on the stomp plate. The pedal doesn't get that noisy until you crank the gain. The level cranked is weaker than the level cranked on the BOSS FBM-1. This has never been a problem however, and it sounds superb when the time calls for it. I only use this with the tone turned down so it's boosting the lows. I like it that way. It gives my guitar almost a synth sound. I was running my gear last night at a practice gig and the bass player asked me if I had a phaser on. Funny. I didn't even have a phaser on the floor. This pedal, IMO, would be a great addition to the board of anyone a fan of MUSE, or any similar sounding band, for that matter. (especially with the octave added). It can really cook up a driving tone.


Okay, I think I can depend on this pedal, but I really do want to buy a back-up. Let me explain. I practically stole this pedal on ebay for 11 bucks, no shipping, because of it's condish. No batter cover, the letters "I LOVE J" poorly scratch into the side, paint chipped, the middle knob missing, and the other two knobs not the original. Also, a hold was punched through the bottom plate with a scrap of painters tape covering it. This pedal looks like it's on it's last straw, but it still sounds amazing. And I honestly feel that if I take decent care of it, it will last me. Listen, if mine was a typical used pedal with a few paint chips and what not, I wouldn't worry about a back up.

General Comments

Overall, I say if you play the alternative scene, and I mean that in a broad way, then buy this pedal. It won't break you, and like I said, you probably won't use it 24/7 but you'll be glad you bought it for those moments when you need that one particular sound... Email me, I'm a huge fan of this pedal and I'd love to chat.

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