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Sound Quality

I use the ax1000g in a few set-ups. In all cases I play a Stratocaster through it. Mostly I play it through a Pevey classic 50 head and a fender bandmaster 2x12 cab. At home through a Vibrolux and at work(when I get the chance)through headphones or computer speakers. The amp and speaker modeling work fairly well. Through all the unit sounds great. most of the effects sound wonderful though I think some of the distortions are redundant. I also wish the wah had an adjustable range. but it still is good. I was disappointed in the "sampling" feature but plan to invest in a real one soon any way ,so no big whoop.


I have not had this unit that long so I have not but it through hell yet. I am pretty tough on my gear and usually buy accordingly. The metal housing seems to be pretty bomb proof and the pots are actually metal too. As for using it on a gig with out back up? well any one who doesn't bring some sort of back-up for even the best piece of gear is a fool.

General Comments

I play a pretty eclectic aray of sounds so a box that does a little of every thing such as this is important. My band INaCAGE http://www.inacage.com is basicly funky modern hard rock. I have had my share of stomp boxxes in the 16 years I have been playing. I have owned a Bigmuff, dunlop wahs , danelectro daddy-o, mutron3, and a few diferent boss,mxr and dod boxxes. I must say this little puppy can simmulate them all fairly well. I know I'll get some purists whining about that one but an acurate aproximation that runs quietly with out having to do the peddel dance wins over vintage cool for me any day.

If I had to change any thing I would make the buttons able to take more agressive stomping. I am a very phisical player and find my self making running leaps to my pedal board at some changes. Also I would make the metronome have a more pleasing tone and I would add a bank down button.

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